The Hangover-Free Party has Arrived

Enjoy eight cannabis cocktail recipes with Highbations from California Dreamin'. Download the guide and get mixing for healthier, hangover-free relaxation and fun.

What to expect

Although smoking cannabis is the most popular form of consumption, drinking cannabis-infused libations brings a healthier and more mellow vibe to this pastime. Our cocktail recipes are crafted for a light, social buzz, with dosages between 3mg and 5mg of THC per drink.

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years to elevate, relax and reduce stress. And now it’s your turn.

Choose from eight delicious and easy-to-make cannabis cocktail recipes.

What is California Dreamin'?

Delicious, all natural cannabis infused sparkling juices formulated for a light social high. Just fruit juice, cannabis, and carbonation, our drinks are carefully crafted to not only taste great, but give you a light, fun buzz with 10 mg of THC.

Cranberry Apple




Download the guide and start mixing!